• Pilisa Mackey

My Rage is Holy

My Rage is Holy.

Capital H O L Y

It is not fit for haphazard scattering to

The four corners of the Internet

Public consumption or public critic

My Rage will not bow to capitalism

Or be auto tuned into a tone easier to dance

Or sing along to

My Rage is not your entertainment

It is too sacred to be devoured by pale ears

And regurgitated as “Angry Black Girl” vomit

Whitesplained by mouths too unseasoned to

Taste the fullness of it’s flavor

Or digest the bounty of its holy splendor

Instead preferring to water my Rage down with spoonfuls of

“What she means to say is”

“I believe what she’s trying to convey is-“


My Rage is pure and comes at face value

My Rage means what it says and says what it means

It has no need of translation, modification

Or justification


It pours from my mouth like innocent Black blood

Spilling onto cold concrete

Its persecutors never censured

Never indicted

Never caged nor controlled


And till they are

My Holy Rage

My Righteous Rage

My Dark Skinned Rage

My Too Rich for this World but So Very Valid


Shall flow and flow and flow

Ever on

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