• Pilisa Mackey


They start slowly

She needs him to start slowly

Coaxing her out of her shame

The heavy weight of it clatters to the floor

Like a coat of chains

And they are both in awe

At what lies hiding beneath

Twin pearls tremble and shake

Pulsing tongues and finger quakes

For the coming rush of wet dream cream

Preceded by blushing cheeks

And ashy, spread wide apart knees

She melts quickly

He continues slowly

Fingers kiss the skin under her skirt

in orgasmic patterns'

Back and forth, Up and down

Drawing out symphonies of sighs, moans and silent screams

She silently memorizes his melodies

And frightened of his discoveries, she looks away

His stare knocks gently at her closed eyelids

Like a wanderer, an explorer

Seeking out a rare and beautiful treasure

Whose sweet and terrible secrets

Are yet to be fully known

She looks to the right, to the left, under his beard

Anywhere but his eyes

His searching, hungry eyes

He asks for so little

He asks for so much

‘Is this what the teachers and preachers call lust?’


Everything is blazing lust

Rushing tongues and tightening arms

Languid and lush planes of skin

Held in sweaty palms

Hungry mouths soothe quivering thighs

Gentle cries

He drinks of me like hot honey wine

I want nothing more

Than to be consumed

To hear someone, say over and over


Faster, warmer, sweeter, deeper

Nameless emotions swirl and enflame me

I want more touch

More skin

More warmth, more of this hypnotic dance

More toes touching,

More bud sucking

More arm rubbing

More nighttime hugging

Warm me with the look in your eye

The heat of your forever inflamed skin

The passion of our inferno

Will be my sweetest sin

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