• Pilisa Mackey


In this world without borders

Or rules or colored pens

I see you looking at me

With the softness of a loving friend

Or…maybe more than that?

Cause what kind of friends do what we do

Kiss the way we kiss

Sigh the way we sigh

In and out

Heartbeats slow

A soft haze settles over us

As damp kisses fall like morning snow

And your sleepytime voice

Roughly churning low in your chest

I like to imagine

In those secret moments

That your deep laughter bubbles to surface

Only with me

I tell myself it’s ok not to know

Our beginnings or understand our endings

You make the unplanned middle

seem beautiful

In its own temporal way

In this pastel lucid dream

We touch noses in the early dawn

Sharing warmth through naked skin

Thigh kissing thigh

Light spilling out of open, needy palms

Sweetly floating

Sweetly breathing

Sweetly falling

Somewhere in this world without borders

In this sidewalk crack in time

Together we drift,

We touch

And we dream

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