• Pilisa Mackey

Cosmic Brownies

In the space between sleep and dreams

Where moonlight clouds all reason

Midnight coats our eyes

And only lovers touches are known

I feel you moving there beside me

Warm and steady

Tracing love notes in my skin

Dotting my “T”s

While I cross your “I”s

Our nakedness is a language only we can understand

In the space between late nights and sunrises

My desire for you lies restless, ill at ease

And as the breeze kisses our ankles

Your arms awake to surround me

And I remind myself slowly

To breathe

In the space between ordinary and extraordinary

We ebb and flow between ourselves

Turning cosmic brownies into Chocolate Mousse

We find new ways of giving

And of receiving love

In the space between revolution and oppression

You sneak laughter into Acai smoothies

Mix hope and support into my midday meals

And flood my nose with bemusing scents of

Patience and Palo Santo

A clever and beautiful blend

And yet…

In the space between you and me

Lies the inescapable fate of our individuality

The unchangeable beauty of our oneness

And the daily realities of passion

Good conversation

And a carefree sort of ease

#lovepoems #romance #firstlove

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