• Pilisa Mackey

Catching Sunlight

Today I caught sunlight

And it was so easy

So simple

So divine

I just laid there in the open air

And it stuck to my skin

Like fresh dew on the morning grass

Or new grapes clinging to their summertime vines

Oh didn’t you know?

My flesh is magic

My melanin draws

The very essence of the sun

And traps it within the depths of my being

For darker, dimmer days

For aches and pains that linger

And don’t quite go away…

In winter months

When warmth runs away to

Puerto Rico, Nassau & Freeport

The sunlight in my skin

Can barely keep itself from leaving too

So it snuggles close to my heart

To keep warm

But this never works for long

Because the winter months

Go on and on and on

Except for today

Today God

In all Her eclectic glory

Did me a favor

And brought back more sunlight

From the homes of my hot blooded relatives

To comfort and to warm me

Locked up tight and tucked in

Caught and resting every so lightly

In the spaces between my hungry soul

And my ethereal, magical skin

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